PGx Software service


The PGx Software solution is an evolving system of services built to meet the needs of our clients.  By incorporating input from medical professionals and labs, we can improve our offering, maintain our high standards, and provide a quick turnaround with a cost-effective pricing structure.

Pharmacogenomics is still a nascent area in personalized medicine.  PGx Software has the flexibility to adapt to changing industry innovations quickly and efficiently.


It is becoming increasingly important that labs be able to provide pharmacogenomic analysis to clients.  However, they face the following obstacles:

  • Difficulty in keeping up with rapid advances in technology;
  • The complexity of pharmacogenomics software requires expertise in the field of software development and maintenance;
  • The need to maintain privacy and control of patient results.

Our HIPAA compliant services allow you to integrate cutting edge reporting tools into your lab’s offering thereby reducing your costs and response times.  PGx Software converts the results of your clients’ genomic testing into easy-to-read reports that can be used by medical professionals to determine the most appropriate pharmacological treatments for their patients.

PGx allows you to:

  • Quickly commercialize newly developed services;
  • Provide results on a faster timetable;
  • Increase client satisfaction;
  • Improve and expand your client base;
  • Reduce error factors through recognition of problem data patterns;
  • Lower business costs by contracting through a software provider;
  • Take advantage of customized reports that increase your brand visibility in the marketplace.

Incorporating Pharmacogenomics into Your Clinical Offering:

At PGx Software, our first step is to convert your data from the specific format you utilize into a standardized design compatible with our software. This allows us to analyze the patient’s genomic testing using our proprietary algorithm so as to identify the haplotypes in the sample. These haplotypes can then be used to construct a report that can be provided to medical professionals to support and guide the treatment plan of the patient.


  • Support your lab personnel in creating the testing protocol that will best serve your clients;
  • Provide genomic traits and/or haplotypes using your testing results;
  • Map genotype to phenotype;
  • Utilize our proprietary portal to establish the drug associations for each gene, for which you’ve requested analysis, in your client’s profile.

History of Pharmacogenomics:

Experience has shown medical professionals that each patient has a unique response to treatment.  Previously, there were few methods – including trial and error — physicians could use to determine the best prescription protocol and dosage for a given patient.  And, it was very difficult to learn if abuse was impacting efficacy.  Pharmacogenomics frequently can determine an individual’s likely reaction to a variety of drugs and greatly contribute to the effectiveness of the physician’s treatment plan.  PGx Software allows labs to provide physicians with genomic test results that clearly map out the likely outcome of a variety of prescribing protocols for the individual patient.

Early reporting types tended to be inaccurate due to their reliance on analysis that reported the activity levels of certain enzymes and then linked these to simple lists of drugs metabolized by those enzymes.  The action of a patient’s enzymes on particular drugs is a far more specific and complicated matter impacted by such factors as: any given drug may be metabolized by more than one enzyme; the variety of drugs routinely prescribed; and, the fact that certain enzymes act in specific ways with specific drugs.  These issues led to a lack of trust in physicians when they found patients’ experiences conflicted with these early analyses.

Clearly what was required was pharmacogenomic analysis based on molecular biology, incorporating a broad base of drug categories and specific medications, as well as a very individualized relationship to the specific patient tested. The result is the new generation of pharmacogenomics reporting.

Integrating PGx Software into Your Laboratory:

Laboratories can access the PGx Software Portal online and upload genomic test results and patients demographics. Reporting is also accessible through our portal and labs can generate reports that can in turn be delivered directly to the client. This PGx Software option is relatively inexpensive and requires no in-lab installation.