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We are not a testing facility or laboratory. PGx Software fills the gap for labs wanting to offer clients cutting edge pharmacogenomics interpretation without having to invest in the necessary tools and personnel. Regardless of the size of your lab, PGx Software has a program that will fit your needs – whether your operation is a small start-up or an established group with a large, existing client base.


The practice of utilizing a patient’s genomic make-up to guide treatment is at the forefront of the emerging field of personalized medicine. As genomic testing becomes more affordable, practitioners are taking advantage of the opportunity to provide safer and more effective treatment to patients. PGx Software strives to assist labs of any size by transforming the raw data obtained through testing into easy-to-understand analyses that can be directly provided to patients, pharmacists and/or medical professionals.


Utilizing a cloud-based platform, PGx Software provides pharmacogenomic support to molecular diagnostic laboratories. We convert laboratory-obtained test results into clear and concise reports that can be utilized by clinicians to guide treatment. On a monthly basis, PGx Software will update the lists of genomic variations and medications.

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